How to Change the Galaxy Note 8 Keyboard

In this quick guide we’ll show you how to change the keyboard on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Whether that’s because you’re experiencing Galaxy Note 8 keyboard problems. Or, because you’d like to try something else with more customization and features.

In fact, there are multiple reasons some choose to change the keyboard. It could be to get the latest emoji characters, to get new keyboard colors, or because you’re dealing with autocorrect issues. And while Samsung’s stock keyboard is decent, others are faster, better, and even have themes and gesture typing.

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One of the best parts of Android is customization. We can change everything, like the keyboard, in just a few seconds in the settings menu. With that in mind start by following our instructional video below. Otherwise, keep reading for a more detailed set of instructions and screenshots of what settings you need to change. Our video is on the Galaxy S8, but the Note 8 follows the exact same steps.

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New keyboards let you change the size of the keys, add a background image, themes, or send GIFs right from the keyboard. Some replacement keyboards for Android even have the power of Google search available 24/7, just a tap away. Additionally, others improve your entire typing style in order to let you type faster, or make fewer mistakes.

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How to Change the Galaxy Note 8 Keyboard

To start, the first thing you need is a new keyboard from the Google Play Store. Grab a new keyboard from our roundup, then continue to the steps below. We recommend GBoard, Swype, or Swiftkey, to name a few.

  • Pull down the notification bar and hit the gear-shaped settings button
  • Scroll down and select General Management
  • Next, choose Language & input
  • From here select On-screen keyboard
  • and tap Manage Keyboards
  • Now turn on the keyboard you want, and turn off Samsung’s keyboard

  • Next, hit back once and tap on Default Keyboard (second option)
  • Select Gboard, or your keyboard of choice
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Now you’re all set and can continue using your new keyboard. We chose Google’s popular GBoard, as it’s one of the best replacements for Android phones and tablets. Google offers tons of themes, button colors, background images for your keyboard and more.

Additionally, try something like SwiftKey, which lets you change how tall the keyboard is to match your personal typing style or finger size. Again, there are several keyboards on the Play Store, so choose the one you’ll enjoy and give it a try today. Before you go, take a peek at these tips for the Galaxy Note 8 Android Oreo update, or get a screen protector from our slideshow below.

10 Best Galaxy Note 8 Screen Protectors

Spigen NeoFlex 2-Pack

Spigen NeoFlex 2-Pack

Spigen was one of the first companies to offer durable tempered glass screen protectors. However, what we’re recommending today isn’t made from glass. Instead, our choice is the NeoFlex film from Spigen. They’re a trusted brand, and you’ll get two in case you need an extra. 

Some screen protectors don’t apply right on curved screens like the Galaxy Note 8, and the touch response has issues or the protector won’t stay on. As a result, Spigen went back to older (and cheaper) films, but these still offer plenty of protection. 

The NeoFlex film can absorb impact from drops and other situations and is highly scratch resistant. And while it may not save the screen from a huge fall, it will keep it scratch-free. 

Spigen promises a bubble-free, rainbow-free easy installation using a wet application method. It also claims 99.9% clarity, and works even with a case installed. Give it a try today. 

Buy it on Amazon for $8.99 (2-Pack)

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