How to Watch Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime

This guide explains how to watch Thursday Night Football live on Amazon Prime. After letting Twitter stream select games in 2016, the NFL sold the rights to Amazon for the 2017-18 season. In total, 11 Thursday Night Football games will air on Amazon’s Prime video service. Making it easier for cord-cutters to catch the action. Here’s everything you need to know about Thursday Night Football, and how to watch it.

The first TNF game of the 2017-18 season is Thursday, August 3rd, which is the Hall of Fame Game to kick off the pre-season. It will air on NBC. As for Amazon Prime, the first game you’ll be able to watch with Prime is week 4, where the Packers take on the Chicago Bears.

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Amazon will stream 11 Thursday Night Football games along with a mix of NFL Network, CBS, and NBC. The entire schedule is rather confusing, but we have you covered. Below is how to watch the games, and where to watch TNF each week. It’s an unprecedented move, and we have all the details.

How to Watch Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime

As we said above, The HOF game is on NBC, while the first few weeks is exclusive to NFL Network. Starting Week 4, Amazon Prime video subscribers can tune in and enjoy games just about anywhere and everywhere.

Users will be able to tune-in on a computer, smartphones, tablets, Xbox One, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and more. Any device with the Amazon Prime Video application. More info is available here, as well as a sign-up page for more details.

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While we don’t have all the details yet, as long as you have the Amazon Prime Video app, the game should take front and center each Thursday starting Week 4 with Green Bay vs Chicago. You’ll see it right on the main page of Amazon Prime Video. We’ll update this post as soon as Amazon releases more details about the process.

Where to Watch Thursday Night Football

The entire schedule for TNF is a bit convoluted and difficult to remember, but the image below should help you keep track. Every Thursday game after Week 3 (except 9 and 12) will air on Amazon Video, and here’s how the rest breakdown.

Week 1-3 is on NFL Network, while Week 4-8 is available on NFL Network, CBS, and of course Amazon Prime. Then, Week 10-11 and 13-15 are available on Amazon, NBC and NFL Network. This ensures NFL Network members can watch the game along with Amazon Prime subscribers. Then regular folks without cable can tune into CBS or NBC depending on the week.

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Basically, you’ll get to enjoy almost every game no matter where you are. Whether that’s on cable TV or streaming with Amazon Prime Video.

How to Stream TNF To Your TV

Most users won’t want to watch the entire game on their smartphone or tablet, and you won’t have to. Simply download the Amazon Prime Video app to one of the many supported devices, and stream it to your HDTV. Most devices like the Apple TV, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield all have the app. Otherwise, get a Google Chromecast and “cast” the game from your phone to the TV inside the app.

Users can also stream it from a computer to their HDTV over HDMI. Additionally, you can stream CBS and NBC apps, or watch it from a browser on a computer. Verizon Wireless customers also get access to the NFL Mobile app, which streams multiple games throughout the year.

Do I Need an Amazon Prime Subscription?

Yes and no. If you’d like to watch Thursday Night Football anywhere and everywhere, on almost any device, you’ll need to pay for Amazon Prime. You can even try the trial first to see if it’s right for you.

If you want to watch almost every TNF game this season, you’ll need Amazon Prime which costs $99 per year. That subscription has a slew of benefits, like free 2-day shipping on the millions of products Amazon offers.

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However, Amazon Prime isn’t 100% required, as select games are available from NFL Network, CBS, and NBC. Keep that in mind before you run out and pay $99 for Amazon Prime.

Other Ways to Watch Live

Of course, those aren’t the only ways to watch NFL or Thursday Night Football live, especially on mobile devices. There are countless apps from CBS, NFL, NBC, Fox Sports, cable providers, Sling TV and more at our disposal. Find out how to watch games live with this guide.

While it seems odd to stream games on Amazon Prime, it has a few benefits. It’s one more way for fans to catch games anywhere and everywhere and makes it easy to stream Thursday Night Football. Additionally, Amazon Prime is available worldwide.

In closing, we expect Amazon to make some major announcements in the coming weeks. So far its landing page is pretty blank in terms of options and features. As the regular season kick-off nears, we’ll update this post with any and all the details.

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